About us


Dr. Meghan Curiale began practicing in 2014.  She started the practice in 2016 in Butler, PA under “Newman Chiropractic” where she ended up purchasing the practice in 2018 and the name changed to Dr. Meghan’s Healing Hands Chiropractic.  We offer hands-on chiropractic care that addresses the underlying cause of what is going on vs. covering up your symptoms.

Dr. Meghan cares about the structure of your spine and how to correct things as much as possible vs. putting a band aid on the problem.  We aim to restore the structure to it’s ideal position, therefore allowing the body to FUNCTION at it’s highest.  Pain is often what brings patients into the office – but the freedom of pain and allowing their body to function at it’s greatest capacity is what keeps patients coming back for a lifetime.  Our care plans are built to help you achieve your health goals and allow your body to thrive.

We look forward to taking care of you and your family!

Meet Dr. Meghan Curiale

Dr. Meghan always knew that she was interested in something within the medical field.  With a mom who was a nurse she was inspired by the healing nature of her work.  She started off by studying Biology at Gannon University.  She did an internship with an amazing Orthopedic surgeon in Pittsburgh who knew she was not sure where she wanted to go in her career.  When she started working with children who were undergoing spinal fusion surgeries, she was inspired to find out what options these children have before having to have surgery.  That’s how she discovered chiropractic.  She visited a random office nearby her hometown and fell in love.  “It was amazing seeing people young and old and coming in happy and healthy and living life to their fullest – I loved the idea that people could heal naturally, without the use of drugs and surgery”.

Dr. Meghan attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia where she attained her degree as Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.).  While she was there she formed an alliance with a like minded group of students where she focused on the Philosophy of chiropractic.  It strengthened her belief in the power that chiropractic has over the body and how it can help others.  Dr. Meghan has special training in pediatrics, and pregnancy.  She is certified in the Webster Protocol – which is advanced training for treating pregnant women.   Dr. Meghan has a passion for serving Pregnant women and watching them achieve their goals through pregnancy and beyond.

Dr. Meghan is also certified in The Schaefer Protocol.  She has additional training in preconception health and healing.  The protocol is designed to help couples that may be having troubles trying to conceive and looking for natural methods on getting their bodies to heal and self regulate.  If you are specifically interested in The Schaefer Protocol – contact Dr. Meghan here.